Bushrod said he drew interest from other teams after being released by the Bears,Amari Cooper Jersey but the Dolphins stood out for several reasons. ''They reached out, asking about the situation, asking about me,Matt Forte Jersey" Bushrod said. ''They thought it would benefit me to come down there and take a visit. Once I got down there, I like where they're going,Brett Hundley Jersey I like what (Adam) Gase's vision is. I had a few teams interested, but this is a team they stepped up right here, right now.Terrell Suggs Jersey They wanted to work with me from the jump throughout the whole offseason instead of waiting for me to get healthy. I'm going to get healthy. They came out and they made their move now. I'm appreciative of that and I'm ready to get back.Colin Kaepernick Jersey" Bushrod, who says he will be ready for training camp, has a history with new Dolphins head coach Adam Gase, who was his offensive coordinator last season in Chicago.Dez Bryant Jersey Having seen Gase's work first-hand, Bushrod has high hopes for what the Dolphins offense could accomplish in 2016 and beyond. ''I like the fact that Gase is there," Bushrod said.Zach Miller Jersey ''Last year he was able to do a lot of good things with our offense. We were able to have some success. He's going to bring that fire, he's going to bring that energy.Michael Thomas Jersey
Michael Thomas Jersey
This is what this team needs and I think Gase is going to be a great leader. And he's going to get guys in the right position. That's one thing that I liked when I saw last year. He put guys in the right position to make plays.Ameer Abdullah Jersey
Ameer Abdullah Jersey
I have to be excited about that because I was one in the system for one year. Hopefully we can grow and we can continue to get better here in Miami and get this thing rolling. ''This is a whole new situation for me. Last year was a whole new situation for me.Thomas Rawls Jersey I grew up a lot last year because when you're used to certain things and used to certain ways and you know your work ethic and you know how hard you get after it, it's tough. But I'm going here to a new situation and I'm going to be open and I'm going to be ready for whatever. It's a good situation. It's Miami. I'm moving to better weather, the wife is happy. Everybody is good."